Has the FDA approved Human Growth Hormone?

The FDA has approved the injectable Human Growth Hormone for growth deficiency in children and for anti-aging therapies in adults. HGH is a dietary supplement that can achieve the same anti-aging benefits to the body, but does it naturally.

What benefits can I expect from taking HGH?

Because everyone's body chemistry is a little different, results will vary depending on factors such as age, frequency of exercise, and diet. But in numerous controlled studies over the last twenty years, an increase in the body's supply of Human Growth Hormone will normally yield the following results:

  • Reduce wrinkles, lose weight, decrease cellulite
  • Rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Revitalize your heart, liver, kidneys & lungs
  • Sleep soundly and awake rested

How long has Human Growth Hormone been tested on humans?

The effects of Human Growth Hormone on humans have been studied and tested on people for over forty years. HGH has recieved an astounding amount of press in the last few years, largely due to a 1998 clinical study conducted by the National Institute of Aging. The results of this study have been described as "too good to be true" and "miraculous" by the medical community.